Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I love these flats, but it was the name, and then description, that really caught my eye: Sea & Fog Flats: Chartreuse knots are buoyed atop pools of navy satin - A perfect example why online and catalogs are so great for creating a dialogue around your product - If you want them, they are here for the taking.

Boots that you can wear to the office AND actually walk to work in (1.5 m for me) are hard to come by. Last year, after MUCH searching, I found these boots and they fit the bill perfectly- I think I'll get them in black this year... I hate that they are called "Intyce" (??) but seriously, it took me MONTHS to a pair of boots I liked - does any one else have a hard time w/ this or is it just me?

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Reward said...

I absolutely love shoes. My shoe budget has been cut substantially because I am not exactly working full time. I got this shoes site from another blogger--http://www.habitatshoes.com/ check it out.