Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let there be Light!

The fact that it is now dark every day when I leave my office makes me think of.. well.. LIGHT!

A few weeks ago on Top Design (I think you are lame for wimping out, Andrea Schroder) the 'pop' challenge was to design a room around an oversized chandelier. I loved this concept, because so many times light is brought into a space as a necessity or afterthought. Inspired by the whole 'lighting' idea, I decided to make it a central theme for our wedding next fall. The reception will have hundreds of candles and tealights, and a few huge silver candelabra centerpieces. I am also trying to find some vintage chandeliers to put on some of the tables...
Our "Save the Date" cards included a small chandelier stamp, and... I don't want to give anything away... but I'll just say that the invitations very much carry this theme through, including images of swinging paper lanterns for the Friday night BBQ before the wedding (Ifound my inspiration here)

A few days ago I ordered this chandelier print scarf from PrettyRaccoon's store on Etsy (my new favorite place to shop). All of my long scarves are so bulky and a lot of the long, thin scarves I've found in stores are just not soft at all (I'm looking at you, Gap and JCrew) But this one is made out of the same material as the super snuggly American Apparel shirt that I live in, so I can't wait to bundle up in it!
I'm a little confused why she looks so forlorn - maybe that is just her "model" face. Anyhow, I think I'll look happier, maybe even smile, when I'm wearing it!

The last 2 items for today come from a site called "Charles & Marie". The first is a "gorgeous crystal chandelier encapsulated completely in industrial rubber- creating an apparition of its former self." The coolest part of this design is the option (& temptation?) to peel back the rubber to reveal the crystal underneath. I wish this would have been included in the Top Design chandelier challenge. I love the use of the white rubber - turning transparent into opaque, the chandelier becomes a 3-D silhouette, while still managing to have a 'glow' to it. Cheers to Tobias Wong for his imaginative and beautiful design.

Last, I love this all-wax candle and candlestick by FrederiksonStallard (Candle#1)
"Merging the support and the candle into one piece of wax just stresses the object's temporary nature even more. In doing so it puts the poetics of use against the mere adornment of an opulent artifact." I like this as a converstation piece for a dinner party table because it is subtle, exquisitely practical, and quite clever.


Miss Eats-A-Lot said...

I love your wedding theme! Lanterns, chandeliers, and candelabras! I imagine it to be very special when it all comes together.

Why DO models have that forlorn look when they've got all that cute stuff on? I wonder that too...

This is a great blog. I love design! Keep it up!

Margo said...

Once upon a time, I babysat a little boy who wanted to look through "mommie's magazines" instead of play Twister. While flipping through the pages, he asked me "how come all the models are so sad". I replied, "because they're hungry."